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Chinchilla Help :(

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I need advice from anyone who might be able to help me but today my darling Mimzy gave me a huge fright, she is 3 years old and I've had her for exactly a year now and she never acted wiredly or been sick since the time I've had her. But today after having a run around de room for about an hour I just got her back in the cage when suddenly she started going berserk around the cage and then slumped in the corner shaking and wouldn't move, when I tried to move her she just rolled over on her side as if she was died but still shaking so I took her out and held her to my chest till she calmed down and after about 5mins she was went completely normal again!! It seemed like a seizure and I was worried cause maybe it was quite a warm day she might have over heated even though I do try keep her in a cool area. Any advice would be great and do I need to bring her to a vet or wait until it happens again?!

Thank you
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Take her to the vets just incase
Next time it could be worse.
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