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I have 3 female chinchillas who I've kept in one cage andd encountered no problems until recently.
Dotty: a mosaic chin who is large and a little aggressive. Very perky and energetic.
Taffy: she was a runt and is small for a female chin. She is quite docile and sweet but sassy at times.
Lulu: my problem child. She is a fur biter. She is high stress/anxiety. Recently been bullied by dottyand lost a considerable amount of fur which is resulting in balding. No redness or flakes so I don't believe it to be fungus.

since the bullying started and escaleted this much I have lulu separated from dotty and taffy. Will this be her situation for life now? I've read tussles like this can result in the need for permanent separation.

this really bad behavior started when I moved. They had been acting differently ever since and I'm afraid they can no longer all 3 stay cage mates.

any general advice would be super helpful. I just don't knowwhat to do about the bullying and fur biting. I can't tell if dotty is the aggressor or if lulu is but I guess I will seee now that they are separated. Lulus suffering scared me so badly I thought of euthanasia but I am willing to try any home solutions. There are simply no vets anywhere near me that care for exotic pets and euthanasia was the only option any vet gave me but I'm willing to fight to get lulu healthy again and solve these behavioral problems that have risen since the move. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
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