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I had been away on vacation and wanted to give my two Siberian chipmunks a treat, so I made a Chipmunk Sandwich. It'll probably be nice for rats, mice, rabbits, any small rodents, especially squirrels.

- 1 piece sliced bread
- Raisins (If you want, replace with sliced grapes)
- Pumpkin seeds (or sunflower if you prefer)
- Corn
- Peanut butter
- Cereal (I used Special K, original)
- Rose hips (out of shell!)
- Pet's Pellets (I use Mouse & Ratpellets for my boys)
Also needed : Plastic baggie, hammer

I tore the piece of sliced bread in half to make the sandwich part. Both halves were covered in a light layer of peanut butter.

The corn, pumpkin seeds, pellets go together into the plastic bag. Take the rose hips and crack the shell, leaving only the little nummy bits inside, those bits go into the plastic bag as well. Close the plastic bag, take the hammer and gently smack until everything cracks into smaller pieces (still large enough to not be swallowed whole). Spread the mixture you just made over the top slice of bread.

On the bottom slice of bread, covered in peanut butter, layer with raisins and your chosen cereal. Then top with a smidgen more of peanut butter to hold the two layers together. Put them together and you've got your sandwich! Place in the cage and enjoy!

Also: You can substitute ingredients for your pet, like alfalfa on one side of bread instead of raisins and cereal for a rabbit. Toasting the bread is a nice touch, too. It's a really flexible recipe that makes a great treat!

(No Chipmunks were harmed in the making of this recipe!)
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