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Unfortunately one of my robos passed away recently, leaving her cagemate Rose alone. Rose is about 9 months old now. She seems a lot less active without Blue, and is eating less (trying to get some high protein foods into her to combat this); I can tell she is not as happy now her friend is gone. She was always the more dominant of the two.

She is in a 100 quart bin (about 25 US Gallons; 80 x 40 x 30 cm) at the moment, still with 2 of everything from when Blue was around. I'm wondering if it's worth attempting to introduce another robo or two to her? My theory behind two is that if it didn't work out, then I wouldn't end up with two lonely robos. The two would be that they'd be from the same litter, and so would already have a bond with each other, I'm wondering if that would make them less likely to be picked on my Rose? I'd use the split cage method. Alternatively, I could introduce 1.

I'm a bit hesitant to do this, because I know how furious my mother would be if I had to have another cage in my room ... but do you guys think it would be best for her?
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