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Complete Dog Food

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here i want to discuss about complete dog food for both working and domestic dogs....
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As in a kibble?

Orijen and Innova Evo are good choices.
Working dogs are domestic dogs....

Depending how much you work your dog, Wysong has a working formula.
You didn't specify what kind of "work" the dog does. A therapy Lab would require the same nutrients as a pet Lab....
I guest all you need to do is make sure that what ever food you feed your dog is as natural and healthy as possible then whatever the work is they will be able to manage it. That is what I always thought.
And meaty bones and raw diet is very much healthy and recommended for all kinds of dogs..
always feed your dog healthy foods in regular basis, the amount depends on the type of your dog.
Certain breeds (dominant mixes included) require different levels of some ingredients.. For example larger dogs require joint protectors whereas tiny dogs need less fat. Look into the breed's requirements, active terriers go through a lot of carbs and protein which they work off very easily that a lazy pug-type would only gain weight off.
should domestic dogs and sport dogs take same nutrition and proteins???
should domestic dogs and sport dogs take same nutrition and proteins???
OK, firstly 'sport' dogs are domestic dogs....all very much the same species. You need to define what you mean by 'sport'...what breeds, and what activities and activity levels?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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