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You just made a thread about this yesterday. There's no need to make a brand new thread with updates, just post in the old one :). That's the one people are more likely to be following.

Like I posted yesterday, are you absolutely sure you have one girl and three boys? Make sure you're properly sexing them, not making conclusions based on if they look pregnant. I say this because there's always a chance that another degu or two is female as well (since the original owners kept them mixed).

They do best with companions but unfortunately, putting her back with the boys isn't an option. They can mate right after giving birth (and if she "looks" pregnant, she's close).

Provided none of the boys are actually girls, she's going to have to stay alone. If she has any female babies, they can stay with her, though :).

If she's as far along as it sounds, be very gentle handling her and don't handle her much more than necessary.
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