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Hi, I'm new here and need help. Three months ago I adopted a nine year old chihuahua to add to our family of 3 other dogs. Jewels first "parents" had died. I don't know much else about them. We adore her. Overall she is a very mildmannered little girl. I am her human. We bonded instantly. She goes to work with me most days as a therapy dog for my hospice patients; so she gets lots of one-on-one.
She does well with are laid-back back terrier and has a grumpy-buddy relationship with our daucshund. Not suprisingly the problem lies with our lab/viszla mix who is 62 pounds. Lucy is gentle and sweet as could be. She is playful with us and very much an attention-seeker (ball obsessed). She would happily co-exist with Jewels but Jewels is increasingly aggressive with her. She attacks and nips. Now she growls even when Lucy is quietly sitting a short distance away.
I know about the Napoleon complex. I know also that Jewels is defending her right to be top-dog with me. I have scolded Jewels and firmly tapped her nose or side. I have ignored her and loved immediately on Lucy. I have ignored Lucy and loved on Jewels. Most frequently I firmly scold Jewels and love on them both, one with each hand. I'm afraid Lucy will eventually get sick of this and retaliate. Also it really hurts Lucy's feelings. HELP!
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