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Copperfield email...

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Hi! This was sent to my email by my friend and hollliiiiii wow! It's so wierd!! I tried it several different times without re-loading the page and it worked everytime!! See if this works for you!

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I don't see anything?
Huh? You dont see the image or you dont see the trick?
Really?! Wy is this? I can see it perfectly fine :/
Yeah,it is just blank on my end...
Its blank for me too :( I want to try!
Looks like it is trying to pull the images out of your email which is why nobody else can see them. Try saving the images to somewhere like imageshack and posting them up from there :)

O_O, you have seven days left after reading this message?
Hahaha, I had my boyfriend tell me b/c I couldnt figure it out !!!!
I read it,but I guess I am kind of slow...:confused:
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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