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Corydoras tank?

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After a lot of debating I am at a stand still. I want a new tank for my corydoras but said tank HAS to fit on my current stand. which means they can only have a 24x12 tank. :(

That leaves only these tanks for options.

15 gal, 20 high or 25 gal... Which would you go with? They all have the same floor space.
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They're in a 35-gallon now, right? Why can't they stay there?

None of those tanks are really appropriate but I guess go with the biggest you possibly can (so the 25-gallon).
Or if you want to go as big as you can possibly can regardless or tank perimeter, sell that current tank/stand on kijiji/ craigslist and get a new one (off the same site!)
The problem is I am moving into an apartment dont have room for bigger most likely and I got this one off Craiggslist

And they are in the 25 I am trying to start over with it which would mean rehoming Echo and putting the corydoras in another tank though it may be best to rehome them ... if i do not have the space for a proper tank.

And Kodi's tank is a little different that is going on top of a bookshelf I will need anyway cant just throw a 400 lb tank on a bookshelf.
Still the better is look for the biggest one that fits in your place, corydoras love to wander around the tanks all the time.
yeah we have to move before I can figure out what fits our place lol. If I even still want to keep fish.
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