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Coupla new degu owner questions

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Hi Guys,
So I've had my two baby girls, Momo and Chu for about 4 weeks now!
But I've noticed that neither of them really eat much hay, and neither of them are at all interested in vegetables :confused:
I keep the cage well stocked with fresh hay but all they use it for is their nest box!

So I'm wondering if there's any way to encourage them to eat it? Or is it just a wait-and-see kinda scenario?

I've also noticed them eating more and drinking more as they get bigger, I kinda assumed this was normal, but I feel better if I check these things out!
Thanks guys :)
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When they're a bit older, limiting pellets will help but they're so young that I would just keep trying. Try different types of veggies and herbs. You can also try different types and brands of hay...the fresher, the better. See if maybe they'll eat flowers and grass from outside.

How old are they again? Is there a way they could see an adult eat? I think they'll try veggies eventually, might just take some patience. You could try drying some veggies, sometimes they prefer that.
It could be the hay type and they don't like that type and same goes for the veggies. I have some degus too and they like Timothy Hay and mine seems to like carrots, and puffed rice. And if you go to this website you find it very helpful I know I did.
Good Luck :)
type degutopia in google
there are all sorts of different types of hay, hay is very important for degus as it will help aid digestion... you could try using a brand that has a flavor added to it... marigolds are safe for degus to eat and also healthy, so you could try using this brand of hay for your degus to see it they like it
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