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ok well i have a female crested gecko, she recently got a new 29 gallon tank. Now that theres room for another gecko i was thinking of getting her a friend. if i do would it be best to get a female? i dont want to be a breeder, but i dont know how their population is. my sister looked them up and said they were thought to be extinct a few years ago, until they were found. does anyone know how the population is? i was thinking that if there were breeding programs going on somewhere that i could give the babies to it. I would rather get a female tho but if there is something like that i wouldnt mind.

I also have a question about bedding. i use cypress bedding, the bag for it says its good for them and i want to make sure it is. any information on them would be great. ive looked up some stuff but i just wanna be sure that its right because alot of sites saaid alot of different things. so i'd trust it more coming from someone on here =)
so if anyone knows the answer to my questions, anything about them or any advice please tell me.

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