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Critter Canteen Question

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I recently brought home my very first bunny, a lovable lop eared mix. I've been feeding her and giving her water from a cat dish, but I recently decided it'd be better to get a proper water container. I bought the super pet critter canteen, but I'm not sure if my bun will drink from it. I've seen her try (she knows there's water in there), but she doesn't seem to be getting much water from it because of the heavy bead.

Do you think I should go back to using a cat dish, or will she be fine?
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There's nothing wrong with the cat dish :). Rabbits tend to prefer drinking from bowls, the only time I've used water bottles exclusively was with rabbits that liked to throw their water bowls for fun :lol:.

Elvis, my bun, has both a bowl and a water bottle. He almost always uses his bowl but I like having the bottle around in case he tips his bowl when I'm not home or something. Maybe do that? :)
That's a good idea :p My bunny likes to shove her food into her water so its a pain to clean out all the dried up food.
I think critter canteen is the best choice for this job, if your bun is not willing to get water from it, try to entice him get him familiar with drinking from canteen..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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