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Custom 2ft tank

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Not a brilliant pic. Tank is still quite cloudy (had a blonde moment lol. Washed a bucket of gravel, had it sitting beside a dirty bucket of gravel, you can guess which one i used!) but anyway it gives you an idea of how it looks. I'll update with another pic once its clear :)

Overall though i am really pleased with how this came out
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Hmmmmm woke up this morning to very milky water and the background has a while hue over it. I've removed the water and replaced with new, will see how it goes.

If it continues i will have to empty it let it fully dry out and see if i can find some epoxy or something else to seal it will.

If not i will have to try to remove it and start again *sigh*
I hope you don't have to start over, it looks really good.

What animals are going in it?
Yeah me either :(

It will be home to a few fancy goldies
Very cool and awesome set up, can't wait to see it getting populated.
So i have decided to leave it be at this stage.

Since the milky water episode the water has cleared considerably. The background colour has changed though. Funny enough i dont really mind the look *L*

So i have tested again today, both the tank and a container of water (same as used in the tank) i stored on top, to make sure the background was inert and not messing with tank stats. I am very pleased to say all stats from both samples are exactly the same.

There is now a feeder fish in there, who is doing great, active and looks wonderful.

Will update as it progresses, what ever that may be

As i is just now (please ignore temp internal filters)

Thanx Wishbone :) I'm waiting for the canister to be running before any goldies will be added
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It looks nice! :) If you want to be sure there's no contamination, run a simple HOB with activated carbon and polyfilter.
Thanks :)

I cannot run a HOB on this tank, it is not designed to allow for it. Nor does it need it. I'm not worried about any contamination. I just wanted to be sure no lime leached out of the render. This would raise the PH. But testing has indicated this is not happening. So very pleased with that.
Tank is now fully stocked and home to 2 red and white ryukin and 1 calico fantail.

I must say they look awesome in here!!

Canister part not here yet, so will do a few water changes through the week to help the 2 internals. I couldnt turn the ryukin down, they were marked down to 1/3rd normal price. And the are just stunning!

The fantail is quick and i cannot get a clear individual pic of it (need better lighting)

The 2 ryukin

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That settles it I am hiring you to do my tanks LOL. Very beautiful as always.
*L* Thank you!

I'd come help ya scape if you were closer :)
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