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Cute Babies Update

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Okay, miss Lila's 14 younguns are 1 week old as of this morning so I got up early to take some pics before work. They are so cute. They are growing their hair now and their patterns are very clear. They're terribly terribly wiggly and mobile which is very scary when you consider they're still blind!

So the first pic here is the group of babies that have hoods and either spot or stripe patterns on their backs
This is a close up of three of the ones with spots. We ended up with several babies that have just one spot in the middle of their back, some big spots, some small, but just one, I thought that was weird. Notice the big fat butt on the far left, very well fed!
This is one of my favorite boys. You can't tell really well from the picture, but he just has the thinnest finest stripe running down his back
These are the five berks
Here are a couple of closer pics of the berks
And here is one of pretty mommy Lila, best mommy rat in the history of mommy rats!
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:heart: Sooooooooooooo adorable!!!
They are just adorable!!! Those wee little dumbo ears on those precious tiny heads...I almost fell out of my chair from cuteness overload! Lila must be such a proud Mama!! :D
Ahhh!!! I want one :( SO cute thanks for sharing!!!
they are sooo adorable :) thank u for sharing ^_^
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