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Deathly Afraid of Hamsters

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I am afraid of hamsters. It is mainly reddish or orange-colored ones. It isn't rodents in general, any OTHER rodent is perfectly fine with me. It's just hamsters.
I am deathly afraid of them, anyone who owns one; I will not go near the cage of that hamster and if they take them out to play with them, I will not stay in the same room without shaking or nearly having an anxiety attack.
Any breed of hamsters really. Even hamsters at pet stores like petsmart or petco, I will not go near their cages. I love rats and usually run up to see the poor rats at the pet stores, but if there is a hamster cage above or around the rats, not a chance.

Why am I so afraid of hamsters? Because I have met about 12 different hamsters and all of them were evil or just didn't like me. They would all chase my hand around in the cage, trying to bite it. It wouldn't be because I did anything bad, it would be me, just trying to change the water or food in their cage.
So I do not like hamsters as I have also been bitten at least 20x by different hamsters...

How can I conquer my phobia?
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well luckily you don't NEED to deal with them. Why not go near the cages in petstores as they cannot get out and get ya. Just work your way closer. And tell your self you don't need to touch them, but if you wanna go to the rats, then you can.
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