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Degu check

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Okay I have seven degus and I just wanted to see if I'm doing everything right. I keep them in a rat cage which has two levels and two one side levels And I feed them Guinea Pig food mixed with degu food(since I can only get degu food when I go to lincoln and get) I have a medium animal bowl for the food so the don't chew on it and its made of glass I usually fill the up and its about 1 1/2 inches deep and then I feed them 2 handfuls of timothy hay. And some puffed rice once in a while. And for my new ones I give them it everyday so they can gain a little weight since the previous owners didn't take care of them properly. So they need lots of nutrition and social help. So I pet them and let them smell me and let them know that I'm not going to harm them. And for my other ones that are social and in good health I hold them and let them give me love nibbles and pet them. Oh and their cage is wired so they cant get out. And the bedding I use is like a soft cardboard bedding.
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The only issue I see is with the hay, they should have constant access, not just a few handfuls. I usually gave mine a huge pile each day :). What brand of guinea pig food are you feeding? It might be fine but we'd need to know ingredients. Make sure you're feeding fresh foods, too, like veggies, herbs, grasses, etc.

Other than that, sounds good to me! Good luck with them, they're awesome pets :).
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