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Degu massive fights

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Hello, my name is Tennan. I'm having some issues with my degus, I have 3, 2 boys (brothers) and 1 girl. I had the 2 boys at the beginning and after 3 months i decided to get a girl for breeding. i slowly introduced the girl to them. The first time they meet the two boys tried to mate with her at the same time, I took her away and put the girl in a different cage and the two boys in their cage. 30 minutes later the boys were mating with each other..... after 2 days of this they started fighting each other (roll together in a ball fighting), i separated the two boys but I was to late one had a injure by his eye (he's fine now), I only had two cages so i dressed the injury and put the girl degu with the injured boy and the other boy in the other cage to be alone, 2 months later i tried to reintroducing the boys together it was fine for 10 minutes but they started the serious fighting again, i intervene as soon as it started so no one was injured this time. should i just let them fight it out? I need guidance.
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they are competing for her. They will always fight with a female around, even if its not in the same cage the 3 will never live happily together and now the males probably won't either.
The boy degu that got injured is happy with the female, even though they end up mating, and the female gets along with the other boy as well when i tried reintroducing its just the two boys. so they will never get along anymore? that makes me very sad since they were so close before i got the female. One more thing male and female makes a nest out of tissue, and i seen blood on it and i caught the female cleaning her self down there and there was blood what could be causing this issue?
I'm not sure why this is surprising to you, it's well known that male degus will fight with a female around. It's not even recommended for a female to be in a cage next to males.

There are zoos that have kept breeding colonies but colony is the key word would need a big enclosure with lots of degus. One male to several females...not two males to one female.

When did the mating take place?

I see :< I guess im going to have to give the other male to my little brother, and the mating took place like 2 or 3 weeks after being with the injured degu (after his wound healed enough). and now its been like 2 months
If the mating only took place 2 months ago then I would be concerned about the blood as it's too early for the female to be giving birth. If you see more blood I'd call up your vet. How old is the female?

i would say the boys are a year old and she is probably 9-10 months shes smaller then the boys but only by a little bit.
Probably 9-10 months? Where did you get her? I'm concerned that she might be too young to breed, is it possible she's younger than you think?

Either way, I would call your vet about the blood since that's not normal. I hope she's ok and good luck!
I got her from the pet store, im going to make an appointment to bring her to one as soon as possible!
Just so you know the males probably weren't mating, one of them was probably mounting the other one to show dominance.
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