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Degu With Upper Respiratoty Infection. Extra Care?

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I just got back taking my 2 year old Edgar to the vet. Turns out he has a URI :[ I noticed him sneezing last week and a few days ago (when i made the appointment) congestion and wheezing. My 5 month Mori keeps pestering him and i'm wondering if i should put him in a separate cage? Or will this just make them both lonely? Also does anyone have extra care tips? Maybe extra bedding and so on? He is currently taking eye drops (his left eye crusted up this morning) Antibiotics and Painkillers. Any tips will help since this is my first experience with a sick Gu. The vet told me its okay to keep them in the same cage since Mori has already been exposed to the sickness and should be fine if he's not already showing signs.
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I'd keep them together unless there's actual fighting. The main thing is to make sure he's eating and drinking. Perhaps leave a small bowl of water (ceramic or some other material they can't just destroy, ha) since bowls are easier to drink from than bottles. It's not necessary, just something to help keep him hydrated :). You can also soak his vegetables in water.
Thanks. I always have trouble getting my gus to eat Veggies, but he is eating his dry food and treats just fine. I also see he is drinking from the bottle, i put a small bowl in the cage but he seems uninterested. He seems to be doing a lot better today, he started taking his meds on his own so i don't have to force them! Yay. I hope he gets better soon.
He didn't make it. He was doing really well and seemed to be healing just fine, but then one day i walked in and he wasn't moving, he was stiff, I thought he was already gone, but i heard a wheezing and he opened his eyes and looked at me...he seemed happy to see me. The vet said there was nothing we could do, so i had him put down.

I really miss my little buddy :[

My younger Gu Mori, I gave to a friend who was searching for a companion for her Gu who lost his mate, and he is doing well over there. Mori wasn't really attached to me like Edgar, so i knew he'd be happier at a new home.
Oh, I am so sorry to hear that :(

I know the feeling..
I have lost 2 gerbils and 3 hamsters, and they all leave tiny paw print in heart and memories.

I have a degus at the moment, and the other one has had some teeth problems, but is all better now :)

Are you planning on getting new degus sometime?
In the future definitely.

I'm currently enrolled at a University so taking care of them was quite a lot of extra work, as much as i loved the little guys i really had to go out of my way to set aside play time, cage cleanings and dust baths.

They are such wonderful pets though i will certainly get some more later on in life.
Okay :)
Yeah, they require quite a lot of attention, I have noticed :rolleyes:

But, they are worth it, too.
I have thought of starting to raise and breed them myself, altough my boyfriend ain´t so fond of the idea, sure he loves our degu´s, but he says that it would require too much work, etc, to breed them.

Well, he is right, I quess, but, we will see, what future brings :)

But, they sure are loveable creatures :D

I wish you the best in life, and take care :)
It´s always nice to meet other animal-loving persons ^-^
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