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Degus and herbs?

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Hi, I was just wondering, that how much of dried herbs can you give to a degu, and how often?

I have fed dried dandelions to my degu´s for this last summer, but since here is snow now, there ain´t those available.

But I heard, that you can feed degus dried mint, basil and parsley, for example.

And since I live in Finland, here are not many places that sell dandelions at winter-time, so I have to wait until next spring to get those..

But since they sell some herbs in markets, I was wondering, can you feed them degus daily, when dried, and how much..?

Also, as a treat, I give them peanut in a shell once a month.
Thanks in advance :)
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Don't know if there are any restrictions regarding dried herbs for degus. Since no one on this site so far has been able to answer your question, you might want to try a degu-specific site like deguworld or degutopia.
I fed herbs everyday :). I fed parsley, mint, basil, oregano, cilantro, and more that I probably forgot. They're very healthy for degus.
Thanks for the info :)
Mint seemed to be disliked by my degus, but parsley and basil are a big hit ^-^

How about dill, can you give that to goos too?
And I have been giving small amounts of fresh lettuce, every now and then, they seem to like it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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