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Do you mean in the same cage? Or to play together?

For the same cage, there's more than "some food issues". The food issues are pretty bad considering a degu would die on a rat's diet. But besides that, the animals have different languages and it would be frustrating for the two social animals to live with another who they can't efficiently communicate with. They also have different schedules...rats are typically more active at night while degus are active during the day. They don't play the same way, engage in the same social behaviors (rats don't take dust baths like degus), etc. Also, rats are predatory towards other rodents...

Even as playmates, it's not a great idea. They're just very, very different animals. I could see a degu and rat who grew up together possibly getting along but even then they couldn't be housed together or left alone unsupervised. And they'd still need same-species buddies.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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