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Degus like music???

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so my mum was watching George Gently because she likes Lee Ingleby LOL and the song It's All Over Now Baby Blue by THEM and Van Morrisoncame on, my degu tony instantly stopped, started syawing and then we put him in his cage and he fell right aleep! then my other degu mo cuddled up on top of him and also fell asleep!? i was wondeering if anybody elses degus like music or have strange sleeping habits like this (the falling asleep to music not cuddling up)???
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Haven't tried playing music for them. Cool.

My guys sleep on top of one another, or five of them in a circle all facing outward in their hammocks. :)
My degu's like Whitney Houston lol they all tend to calm down and be quiet when I have her Greatest Hits album on near the cage lol
cherryadairr's post has nothing to do with degus and music.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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