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Degus teeth problem

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Has anyone removed out a tooth on a degus? We might need to remove two..
Her sister passed away april 1st this year with teeth problem. They went through the jawbone :(

Help please.

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If their teeth are getting long you should get something like wood, be careful what type as some are poisonous to degus, but get some degu friendly wood for them to chew on. If the teeth are already too long for them to eat or chew take them to the vet and he/she will clip them.
That we arlready do. The vet help her every month. But the teeth are growing underneath the tounge like a fish hook and its getting harder to file down. :/
Hmmm, I'm not sure then, will leave this to a more experienced person on here.
Haven't had to have teeth removed yet on any of my degus – just spurs so far though my vet suggested that, if it gets too bad, tooth removal is an option. I have heard that it is very tricky to do on a degu because their jaws are so small. If no one can help you here, I suggest that you check out the "Degu and Chinchilla World" forum. There are many experienced degu owners on that forum.
Hmm, I've never had to do that but it sounds like you have no other options :(. Where did you get the degus? It really sounds like a genetic defect so I would notify the breeder so they know...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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