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Hi there, new and posting twice...
Hope you don't mind.

In Holland there is no real degu food. So I give guinea pig food mixed with green pellets for rabbits 1:1 , because seeds and "crushed peas" etc contain too much fat and carbohydrate. But they love it, so they try to live on only that.
Furthermore I used to supply extra vitamin C through their water, to keep the teeth firmly attached to their jaws.[ Should pick up the habit again. ]
And veeeery little apple or nuts.

Degus are highly sensitive to diabetics and one effect is that their teeth can come loose, which can be harmful. Like the elefantsteeth in rabbits. Hence the vitamin C.

They eat lots of hay too. In Holland I buy brands that have rosebuds, chamomile or nettle (Urtica) mixed in it.
In my other post I mentioned my current degus, but before them I had 2 sisters who reached the age of 6 and 6,5 years!
They had cataract*, due to diabetes. A good diet cured that in a short time. I used billberry leaves to speed it up (also these leaves lower sugar levels in blood), but it was too much before I knew it: one degu got a pear shaped eye after the billberry. She liked it too much

Anyone familiar with billberry or other herb treatments against diabetics?

* diabetic cataract in degus has a different cause then in man. Therefore in degus it can disappear by a good diet. It is caused by a high level of sorbinil, which is produced in the lens if the blood sugar level is too high. So: lower the blood sugar level.

Yes, I have a university degree. In [medical] biology.

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