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Dietary and Supplements for Prince?

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So I'm sure most of you read about me saving Prince the Male Lionhead rabbit from our High School. I have already taken him to the vet and gotten him checked out but here's my main concerns of late.
I had the vet check out his eyes and it turned out he just had a swollen gland or something in his eyes and they should just go away on their own. But both of his eyes are really weepy and always accumulate gunk around them. I try to wipe it away with a warm wash cloth regularly but they always smell really bad! Is their a type of wipe I can use for him? I was wondering if scented dog wipes were okay to use around his eyes (I'd be extra careful not to get anything in his eyes!). Are they okay to use on rabbits?

My half-sister also suggested giving him more vitamins or a rabbit supplement. Just to help load him up on vitamins since he is currently, an underweight rabbit. He is a full-grown Lionhead Male and he is only 4.4pounds... you can easily feel his spine, see his shoulder blades sticking out when he sits, and feel his ribs easily when you pick him up. I give him plenty of fatty foods to help him gain weight and he eats them but he just doesn't seem to be gaining much weight.

Again, I know a rabbit's diet should consist of a just-pellet feed, alfalfa or hay, and the proper amount of fruits and vegetables... but here's his regular diet... listed below

Prince has a "pellet mixture" that I use for him. I keep his giant free-feeder full at all times so I don't know how much he eats regularly. His "pellet mixture" consists of 1parts Wild Harvest Mixed Berry N' Nut Treat, 2parts Wild Harvest Adult Rabbit Advanced Nutrition Diet, 3parts Country Lane 16% Rabbit Pellets. It's mixed together evenly. Again, I know he should be on a plain pellet diet, but I figured all of the added stuff would fatten him up. If there is a more fattening mixture or pellet brand that you think I should try, I will definitely go for it if he will eat it.
Prince also has a constant supply of Apple Sticks Treats... I keep 2 in his cage at all times.
Every night before I got to bed I give him his roughage. He receives
-1tablespoon-sized piece of carrot OR celery OR broccoli leaves OR bell peppers (just depends on what is in fridge)
-1tablespoon-sized piece of banana OR apples OR pears OR peaches OR pineapple OR apricot (depends on fridge contents)
-1cup of spinach OR carrot tops OR kale OR red/green lettuce OR dandelion greens
He eats all of his roughage ever night and he has NEVER had diarrhea. I was wondering if I should add a vitamin or something to his water for extra vitamins? Since he lacked roughage for about 8years at the High School? Or just to maybe help fatten him up?

So main questions...
Can I use scented dog wipes around his eyes?

Should I buy a supplement/vitamin for my rabbit to fatten him up or keep him healthy? And if so what is a good brand?

Any other pellet brands that he would like that will help fatten him up?

What are other side foods that will help fatten him up?
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Is your vet sure that his weepy eyes are something that will go away on their own? I'd probably get a second opinion, especially since you said the discharge is smelly. I wouldn't use any chemicals or anything around his eyes, especially with the eye issues he's already got going on. You don't want to risk irritating him more.

Vitamins and supplements really aren't necessary as long as you are feeding him a proper diet. They get all the vitamins and minerals they need out of their food and pellets have added vitamins/minerals in them. Vitamins don't cause animals to gain weight anyways - calories do. Unless he has some kind of a digestion issue where he's not getting vitamins from his food, but in that case he probably wouldn't be able to process the vitamins in a supplement either.

I have a fully grown male Lionhead who is only 2 lbs. Healthy rabbits usually look lean, are you sure he's underweight? If he's really very skinny/bony and is not gaining weight despite a healthy diet, I'd talk with a vet about that. I had a rabbit in the past who was very skinny and wouldn't gain weight and it turned out to be caused by a medical condition.

I don't know much about the foods in the pellet mixture you described. Pellets should just be plain boring old pellets, no added berries or nuts or anything like that. If you're really trying to get him to gain weight, you could try using plain alfalfa pellets.

Rather than trying to fatten him up by feeding him fattening food and junk, I'd just concentrate on feeding him a healthy diet. If he's an older rabbit, you can try giving him alfalfa pellets and hay to help maintain his weight. Other than that, if he is really underweight, I'd talk to a vet about it. He may have something going on medically that's causing him to not maintain a healthy weight, or it could be because he's an older rabbit. Either way, a good rabbit vet should be able to help you out.
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