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What are the differences in conures, I have been looking at different types of small birds. I have seen the jenday and the sun conures they are both pretty are their personalities the same? I would like another small bird like my cockateil. Others have pointed me toward quakers. From what I have read both are quite noisy. My cockateil I have now is not that noisy and very spoiled, she is definately my bird. Since she is so spoiled would it be hurt her to bring another bird in the house? I just haven't figured out what kind. Sometimes when you read up on birds I think it can scare you. I know I'm glad I didn't read alot about my bird because it would have scared me away. I have had her for 3 years now and with each year she gives me more joy.

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The list of conure types are endless, I personally have two Nanday Conures.
You should always get a feel for what you can and cannot tolerate when bringing home a conure.

Habits, Noise level, are only two reasons, and whatever they can or might destroy in your home.

Can you live with them?
Cany you afford taking them to the vet?
What if my parrot behaves strangely? Nandays are infamous for laying on their backs to sleep- what a royal shock!

None of my birds due. I have 2 Nandays, and 2 Cockateils plus a few other animals.

My Nandays crow loudly without relenting for ten to fifteen minutes three times a day most of the time.

To give you an idea about the noise level: If you've ever heard a small girl scream one octive higher than normal when playing imagine that for a full steady 10 to 15 minutes three times a day.

Sun's I understand can shatter glass. Nanday's I understand can rattle glass. I think both are capable of shattering glass.

My nandays are fiercely loyal.

Kiwi Anna is a first time mommy of eggs that are never going to hatch.
Mr. Bird: We don't know if he's a Miss or Mr. BIrd- he came with that title. Now
if we can just undo the damage past owners have done to them.

Kiwi Anna came to me from a sancurary in Seattle. She only had the name Kiwi, and was missing two toes. A Macaw got them from what I was told, and poor Kiwi was rehomed 4 different times before ending in the sanctuary.

I adopted her, and she's lived with me for a year. She's 4 years old, and a Mommy's girl. She won't let anyone touch or handle her, except for me.

Mr. Bird was loved dearly by his first owner. But she married, had a baby and the poor bird couldn't figure out where he fit in and started screaming at the baby. He was squirted with water as punishment, and his high perches removed. (Wrong move in my opinion. THe precious bird started plucking his feathers and his owner's sister rescued him, but she's much too busy for him and traveling alot so she gave him to us, cage and all. We've had him for at least a year as well.
And we love him too.

Our teils are another story.....................................

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I know this is a late response but I just joined :) Conures are a riot as are quakers. They are a lot of fun! Many have silly personalities and are a JOY to watch and play with. Both my suns and my brown throated conure do make a fair amount of "noise" . I don't consider it noise, it's all a mater of degree. They are extremely loud if you are used to the sound of a cockatiel, but they are moderate when compared to a cockatoo :). Many Conures are brought to rescues or rehomed because of their loud and sometimes constant calling. I describe the sound of a sun as the raucous sound that is made by eastern Blue-Jays.

Quakers on the other hand , at least ours, are not very noisy at all. They also are a lot of fun and they come up with the goofiest ways to do stuff :) They can realy tickle your funny bone.

Both conures and quakers can be very affectionate. Conures seem to be a little more "needy" and have a begging posture that they use when they want contact or attention. Part of that posture is the noise.

As Staed, green cheeks are relatively quiet little conures and they have all the personality of the bigger guys.

One last note, Even the best quaker or conure will bite on occasion. It hurts a little more than a tiel bite. Just be warned it is possible to take a real good nip now and then.

Have Fun,
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