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DIY Hamster Harness

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I am the proud mommy to 2 syrians and a dwarf hamster and would love to be able to take my little man out to explore when its nice. I already can with the girls but I would love to have a simple harness for them too just in case I ever want to take them out.

Also I am VERY careful with my hamsters I know the risks of outdoors
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are you talking about the dwarf? From my experience, dwarves can slip out of anything by contorting their bodies.. i've never heard of a harness for a dwarf but if you do make one, share it with us!!
Maybe you could try a reptile harness? One like this with little holes for their arms to go through might work.
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Hamsters have a risk of choking in harnesses so I am planning to make a playpen out of a bin for my little man and I think I can upload pics now i'm gonna try
OMG Jess!! lol When I lived with my old roommate we both had 2 turtles each and we were trying to design a turtle harness for them out of DIY hardware!! lol I didn't think people actually manufactured them!!!! lol

Can't wait to see pics of the little squishies Elliriyanna!
I posted them its called my girls day in the sun
LOL, Amanda! I know they make plenty of lizard harnesses (Even for teeny tiny anoles) but you should totally invent the first turtle harness! :p I bet you'd be rich if you could come up with a snake harness... That would be a challange.
lol I may do that if I ever get another turtle ... draw the little harness into the shell lol. Tortoises its pointless with they are too slow ( not stereotypical just like not gonna run away) and a leash is not stopping them lol water turtles are so fast O.O
My turtles used to dig in the grass. I had a NIC pen set up outside for them in the grass. But then my creepy boarding house neighbors came by and said "the stray cats are gon' git'tem" which was code for bring the dang turtles inside bf their supper to the weirdos next door!!! lol Harnesses would be redundant for my diggers :p
I said tortoises are slow I know turtles are fast.
Personly i wouldn't use a harness, i would just built a big pen and use it for the garden, at leat it would have some outdoor exitment!
If you read the thread that's what I decided to do
Yup i did read it and forgot what you wrote, when reading all the others, sorry!
No need to get offended I am a very blunt person I didn't mean to be rude
10 minutes is not even remotely long enough to meet a caged hamster's exersice needs. Sure, you can supplement the ball for 10 minutes (and they should only be in it for 10 minutes bc of the air circulation) but then put him in the bathtub or playpen or somewhere he can play for a couple hours. My hamster Button had free run of my room for his playtime (this was mostly the bed and I would creat obstacles and hide his food). Hamsters spend their nights foraging for food and since most people keep food dishes for their little rodents (I stopped when I realised how boring that must be) hamsters do not get to run arund and forage. Make tunnels and caves and ramps and things on your bed and let him run around for a while.
my hamsters get out in the ball 10 - 15 mins ( you can actually do up to 20 but its not preferred) and also get about a 30 minute play time daily. I would like to get them out more but until i move I'm lucky for that much. My Sofi Seeks out stairs little dork.

Anyway Alvin confused me

Is there a way to close this thread? Harnesses are a horrible idea
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