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do you have an animal theme or collection

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  • farm

    Votes: 2 28.6%
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do you collect animals

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I'm not talking about live animals :rolleyes: Most of my mom's side (including me) have animal collections. So I was curious if anyone here collects animals or has animal themed rooms like cow kitchen, duck bathroom or even a teddy bear collection. Feel free to post details or pics!!!!!!!

ps you can choose more than one option ;)
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i have a big teddy bear collection ^_^ from all diffrent times in my life, and the baby's nursery is going to be a jungle theme with mostly monkeys in it since we call the baby tummy monkey or our monkey hehe.
you can pick more than one theme if you want. ;)

I have a cow collection that took over the kitchen. I have a frog bathroom for little man. A stuffed animals collection from throughout life. And a tiny mouse stamp collection. Like rubber stamps. Each one reminds me of something special in my life. I even have one of a mouse using a dropper to give another mouse medicine. it kinda resembles when I had some mice that I had to hand feed and all the ones I got to rescue and help rehabilitate.
Our kitchen has a jungle theme...we started off with a ton of house plants in there and it kind of evolved from there. Mostly, as far as animals go, we have a ton of frog stuff in the kitchen (including live frogs haha).

My pet bunnies have their own room in our house so their room is bunny themed. I have a lot of cute bunny decorations in there.

And then our bedroom has a lot of animal stuff but it's kind of random so no real theme. My fiance let me be in charge of decorating the bedroom so it started off with kind of a winter theme but turned out to be more random because I have a lot of my old stuffed animals and animal figures in there from when I was a a bunch of teddy bears because my fiance buys me Vermont teddy bears as gifts a lot.
I mostly just have horses. Stuffed horses mainly but want more. I have cats too now and then
The only themed room in my house is my bedroom, LOL! I have a lot of zebra/african animal themed stuff, a ton of bamboo plants and live plants, and Smudge, Squishy (I also have live plants in his tank now!), Dudley, and the hermit crabs all live in my bedroom... So I kinda have a little bit of everything: Aquatic, tropical/beach, bunny, desert, and african. :) Oh, and a few horse themed things!
I was never able to hold on to stuff. I collected turtle things for like 10 years or so. I had to get rid of more and more each time I moved. Since moving here I have a small cllection in the totes in the basement-including my giant wall throw. :( I have antique and bunny things on the top of our bedroom door frame (including my dog statue that resembles my little Coco) there's some turtles and bunnies up there. I kept my stuffed turtle my mom gave me when I graduated high school. On the walls in our room (Matt only put up his NHL jerseys) is my painting of my cat by my neice and pictures of elephants.
So I'm also mixed!! Mostly bunnies. Ellies and a Bob Dylan concert poster.
it seems like those of us who do have themes have more than one animal/style. kinda cool, thought I'd point out the obvious there. haha.
In my bedroom I have lots of rats...stuffed ones,rubber ones,plastic ones,a ceramic wall thing,a painting my sister (Purple-Hops) did,a knit rat...etc,etc. Oh and I have some live rats in there too...have a couple of my cages in my bedroom right now.

And cows in the kitchen. I have a cow wall clock,that no longer works. Actually I think the batteries need to be changed. Cow dish cloths and hand towels, a cow drinking glass, a cow utensil holder and a little glass cow ornament.

If you hadn't been able to tell...I love cows and rats.
well I have a alarmingly creepy collection of pug cards (from my mom- she's obsessed not me, i swear) and I was actually thinking of making a creepy collage on a wall or something..

the thing about them is, they photoshop the eyeballs on the pugs to just exaggerated sizes, making what would have been cute cards, to annoying "in-yer-face" pug creepiness. I get the same Halloween, St. Patrick's day, Christmas, Easter and Birthday cards each year... *sigh
LOL!!! Does your mom know she's giving you the same cards?!?
haha I think so, I think she thinks I like it, but it's more of a roll-eye response from me and i shove it in a drawer :D
No, I don't have a themed room. My former girlfriend did have one full of teddy bears, if that counts :p
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