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Do you think I would be allergic to guinea pigs?

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I would like to have one a few years from now. I am not allergic to the pets in my signature, but I am allergic to cats and rabbits kept inside. I am unsure of chinchillas. Do you think it is likely or unlikely I would be allergic to piggies? They look so sweet.
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every pet is diffrent example im to skinny pigs but not guineau pigs and im allergic to rats but not mice, best way to find out would be to get allergy tested or playing with some that a friend might have and see how you react.
It depends. It is very possible you would be. I agree with Nibbler, it would be best to have an allergy test done or maybe spend time with some guineas to see how you react.
Thanks! I have never had an allergy test done before.
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