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Does My Bunny Hate Me ? :(

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Hi ! :) , about one week ago I purched a bunny rabbit from my friend whos bunnies had babys. She is a dwarf/ holland lop. She is perfect, but I have no idea if she likes me or not? I open her cage all day so she is free to roam, she will come up to me and sniff my nose and jump all over me. she wont usually eat any treats i give her?, she always looks very bug eyed , i just hope she is happy, I also would love tips on litter training her ! thanks so much ! :)
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she sounds pretty happy. try giving her hay, or toys. turbo personally likes toilet paper rolls :) he'll roll them, nibble on them, and throw them.

litter training was pretty easy with turbo. wait for her to designate a potty corner, rabbits use the bathroom in the same corner of their cage each time. and when she has chosen her corner, put a litter pan in that area and put a few of her poops in there or if she peed, scoop it out with a scooper and put it in the litter pan.

if you are trying to train her for the house, wait for her to choose a corner in the house, turbo did pretty quickly, and stick a pan in the corner using the same logic as the cage.
awesome thanks so much !, she also tends to throw things a lot , does this mean she is mad at all? i really don't want her to be unhappy.
awesome thanks so much !, she also tends to throw things a lot , does this mean she is mad at all? i really don't want her to be unhappy.
na, by throwing it she either wants it out of her way or she's playing with it. Turbo has these little bell ball things called ironically "midnight crazies" and when one gets in his way he'll THROW it out of the cage. his cage is elevated possibly 3 feet in the air and is open all the time. he jumps onto my bed and gets the ball and jumps back in his cage. they play like that :)
Your rabbit seems like she is settling in pretty quickly! :)
Heres a tip for little box training- Instead of getting one of the small corner ones, get a big sqaure cat-type litter box, and put hay in it. They poop while they eat, so she will get the idea faster. Also, dont have any litter/wood shavings outside the litter box, because this confuses them. In my rabbits cage, I just have a rug and some blankies.

Also, are you planning on getting her spayed? It helps ALOT with litter box training, takes care of their "teenage bunny" issues (cage aggression, spraying, ect.) and will eliminate the risk of reproductive cancer. 85% of female rabbits will get cancer before they are 4 years old, so spaying is definatly something you need to think about! :)
thanks you guys are awesome ! lol, helps so much !, i love to play games with my bunny aswell!
Like the others said, the bigger the litter box the better and keep hay in it in a rack. As for toys- I pretty much purchased all the cat ad baby toys from the dollar stores as basics. The pet store sells toys as well but in my opinion your paying like triple on a stuffed apple which my bunnies find lame. Acacia (in my avatar pic) LOVES rattles and things that make sound so I buy her all baby rattles and kitty toys with bells. Akina doesnt really play wth anything but I did find one cat toy that she likes. Hit and miss really, they'll play with what they want. Toilet paper tubes, cardboard boxes (Acacia makes super secret hidey holes and drags her stuffed toys into them !! lol), fleece blankets, old phone books, etc... Once your bunny is comfortable with you, you can try to teach her tricks which helps with bonding.
***Tip- I never was able to tame Acacia until after she was spayed!! SO definetly think about that!!
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