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Does Your Rat Feed You?

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Here's one for the 2 rats Hat and Patrick are completely different. Patrick is pretty assertive and takes a treat or food like he will never eat again. However, my other Dumbo is completely opposite! He has always been gentle about taking treats and is completely chilled at feeding time. For the past few mornings at breakfast my Fattie Rattie, Hat :heart:, has shared his food with me. I will pour in the food for both of them. Patrick will shove his mouth full and hide in his favorite spot as usual, but Hat will come over to the bars as I am talking to them and he will "spit" out a morsel for me. When it first happened I thought he didn't like something. Then, I realized he only did it when I stuck around after I fed them. Each day he has fed me something different.
Has this ever happened to you? :cloud9:I have to admit I LOVE this!! Am I reading too much into this?
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Omg, that is just the sweetest! It could very well be that he IS trying to share his food with you, because rats are soooo affectionate, love their people, and just amaze me on a daily basis with their capacity to love, so I would never put it past a rat to do something like try to share his or her food. Such a sweetheart! There COULD be some other explanation for it but I would not know what it might be. I tend to be biased towards the, "Rats just love us so much" theory. :)
I love, love this! :D

This makes my night.
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