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We have often talked about the risk to our birds of pesticides on our foods. I long ago gave up eating most food not grown in the USA, and only feed organics to the birds.

Here is an article in the New York Times about the effect those pesticides are having on OUR songbirds as they overwinter in Central and South America.

As a birdwatcher, I've noticed a decline in many birds over the past few decades. Kingbirds and Bobolinks are two mentioned in the article...

A few quotes from the article:
"Bobolink numbers have plummeted almost 50 percent in the last four decades, according to the North American Breeding Bird Survey."

"Rice farmers in the region use monocrotophos, methamidophos and carbofuran, all agricultural chemicals that are rated Class I toxins by the World Health Organization, are highly toxic to birds, and are either restricted or banned in the United States."

"A single application of a highly toxic pesticide to a field can kill seven to 25 songbirds per acre."

"Testing by the United States Food and Drug Administration shows that fruits and vegetables imported from Latin America are three times as likely to violate Environmental Protection Agency standards for pesticide residues as the same foods grown in the United States."
They recommend you substitute commercial coffee for organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee. Also you should look for the organic bananas.
"Most mass-produced coffee is grown in open fields heavily treated with fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. In contrast, traditional small coffee farmers grow their beans under a canopy of tropical trees, which provide shade and essential nitrogen, and fertilize their soil naturally with leaf litter."

"Bananas are typically grown with one of the highest pesticide loads of any tropical crop. Although bananas present little risk of pesticide ingestion to the consumer, the environment where they are grown is heavily contaminated."
"Food" for thought...

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What a shame. I work part time at the only fair trade shade grown organic coffee shop in town, so that's all I drink. I wish our one grocery store carried more organic produce, too. They're remodeling and I've seen more lately, thankfully.

Thanks for posting, Bob. Great info, as always.
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