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This may help those who are at their wits end trying to find a treatment for their dog's allergy. My little Bichon Lulu developed an allergy - scratching, nibbling, rubbing - which was driving her a bit crazy and me too.

I have been determined to find an answer to this so took her to the vet and discovered through a blood test that she was allergic to flea saliva, dust mites (bad housewife) and grasses. She was put on steroids (briefly) - they helped for a bit but I didn't want her on these as they can be damaging.

The only other alternative offered was an extremely expensive course of treatment and medication which would cost £thousands.
So I tried everything I could think of - all the shampoos, oils in her food, lotions to relieve the itch,

Anyway, to be brief I rang a homeopath who, amazingly, made up a remedy which included not only the flea saliva and dust mite remedy, but one for all different types of grasses and in just one pill (you do get a bottle-full). With directions. What really impressed me was how specific they could be with the causes.

I have given Lulu just one (as prescribed) and everything has calmed down (over two days since receiving pill) - a tiny bit of nibbling and scratching but almost nothing compared with before and she seems much calmer and happier (as am I). It's early days yet, but I'm hopeful and very impressed. The remedy plus postage and packing was very reasonable and they also recommended a homeopathic vet in my area.

Whether you believe in homeopathy or not it's worth a try as if it works for your dog you and he/she will be very happy. If it doesn't then there will be no side effects and just a small amount of money lost.

I don't know if I'm able to recommend on this forum but the name of the homeopathy practice is Helios and their number is 01892 537 254 (UK). I checked with them that it was OK to recommend them.
Obviously I would recommend you see your vet and it's important to get a blood test so that you know precisely what your dog is allergic to.

Good luck all you with dogs with allergies. I know what it's like and I hope this works well for your dog.
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