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Dog and cat!

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I'm thinking about buying a dog.
Either a Chihuahua puppy or a Pug.
We're considering moving to an apartment where dogs are allowed :)
And I just love dogs! I grew up with a miniature poodle!

And I have some questions:

I have 1 cat (she'll be 3 years old in may).
She doesn't love dogs, but she doesn't hate them either.
At least not the small ones :p
She is a little bit bothered by "my" miniature poodle (that doesn't live with us), but he is very noisy and very energic.
And he's adult (about 5 kg and 11.8 yrs).

But when I'm walking the dog, my cat tends to follow us and sometimes she doesn't seem bothered by the dog at all!
She teases him and seems happy.

Do you think she'll get along with a puppy if we slowly introduce them to eachother?

The main reason I want a puppy is that I think it would be easier to make the cat and dog used to eachother if the dog grows up with the cat and if the cat see the dog grow up?

I also have two rabbits (indoor rabbits, but we're considering building a second cage so that they can live outside in the summertime).
I think they'll tolerate a puppy if the puppy isn't of a BIG breed.
Oh, and they live in a 4floors-cage, and I won't let them run around in the apartment on their own if the dog is "loose" :p

I'll never let them be in the same room alone with eachother ever.
But as long as they tolerate eachother and doesn't fight, I'm satisfied.

I really want to buy a dog and have a dogbuddy.
I'll train the dog a lot to make it a nice dog, and I've read a lot about dogtraining (positive training and etc).

Is Pug or Chihuahua breeds that would get along with other pets?
My other choice may be Japanese Spitz, Kleinspitz, Mittelspitz and Toy Poodle, but I really like smoothcoat dogs too :)
So Chihuahua and Pug are my favourites.
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We have a Pug, Tuff and a cat, Luna. We got Luna first and she was our only pet for a couple of years before we brought Tuff home. Tuff came from a home with other dogs and a cat, but the cat in that house didn't like dogs so they never had any interaction. Both were adults when we introduced them.

At first Luna just ignored Tuff, then gradually began to check him out. Tuff wasn't used to attention from cats, so he'd give a sniff or two, but otherwise left her alone. As she got used to him, Luna would approach Tuff more and more, until finally they started playing together.

They've been living together about three years now and are friends. I've never seen them snuggle together, just the two of them, but they'll share my lap.

Like I said, they were both already grown and "set in their ways," so it can definitely work even with adult pets, it just may take time. I'd just say to be patient and not to force the issue.

Good luck, and happy pup hunting! :)
If introduced properly,yes a cat and dog will get along or at least tolerate each other.

I have had dogs and cats together with little issue.
It will be hard to find an apartment that will let you have a cat, a dog, and house bunnies.

I would wait until you find a place to live before getting a dog.
But we have found one :)
Introduce them slowly. When my mom got Mama Coco and her never did get along but up last May before I moved out with Coco, Mama at least would walk past him which she wouldnt do before. This whole scene took about 2-3 years to accomplish.
It depends on the personality of both the cat and the dog though too.Sometimes it can take much quicker then 2-3 yrs.It did when I had cats and would bring in foster dogs.
I have 3 cats and 3 dogs and they are all best friends...we introduced them slowly, let the cats meet the big dogs while the dogs were in their crates...even my new feral cat loves the dogs, I think its all about temperment and the way you react to grandmas dog always chases her cats and acts a fool, but when her dog is here she never chases my cats, I think its because my grandma gets so nervous and starts to tense up that her dog feeds of her energy, but when shes here everything is calm and relaxed and my cats lay next to her and she has no stay calm and be patient
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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