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dog at work has blood in urine

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I work at a doggy day camp and one of the customers has been bringing his dog in who basically just pees blood. Our manager demanded he take her to the vet after a couple days of this, and I haven't seen her since. Another manager said it looked like a bladder infection, but I've never peed blood when I have a bladder infection, and now I'm reading on other posts here that it looks like kidney issues. I'm just curious what other people say. It's not my dog so I can't follow up with her very well.
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I just hope they did take her to the vet! I hope she gets the help she so oviously needs. If she has blood in her urine then it can be a UTI even stones or maybe something else.... She needs to go to the vet and Im sure they will have an xray done along with a urine test... only a vet can offer medical help and advice.
Wishing her the best.
TAKE HER TO THE VET!!! My hamster had that and we didnt notice in time and she died. :( And I think its a kidney infection.
Poor dog. I hope shes OK! *Sends hugs to dog*
It could be a UTI the first one I ever had was all blood and they called it "hemorragic cyctitis" I was peeing blood and it was so painful. Neer did go to the kidneys.
*hugs* i hope the doggy comes out okay
have you called the owner to check up on her, i think it would have something to do with kidney stones, one of my rescues had kidney stones and pee'd blood all the time, and it was very painful for her.If the owner rufuses to take her to the vet call one of the local no kill animal shelters and they will take the dog from the owner due to neglect. She would be better off this way and could find a loving home that would give her all the love, care and medical attention she needs..please updat:)
Unfortunately, I do not know if the dog got treatment because I quit that job 8 months ago, but I do know we pressured the owner to take her to the vet, and our manager is very persuasive with people when she notices forms of neglect. She wouldn't allow further busniess with the owner until he got treatment for the dog. So while I don't know the outcome, I feel confident that eventually the dog got some care. We live in a town where people buy trendy little ritzy dogs and they can easily afford the care for them... it's a huge deal if you don't pamper your pet around here so if anything, the owner may have been guilted into treatment.
okay, thats good then:)
OMG *hugs* My rattie, Pepper is peeing blood right now, he is going to the vets tomorrow, I know this post is a bit late but I will update you ASAP about it!
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