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My brother had always wanted a dog. He just turned.... um.... 19? and what do my parents get him? A bloody dog. Let me explain my ire:

Logan has NEVER had an animal of his own. His track records with family animals are indifference or, most recently, the same thing my parents have 'well-meaning laziness'. They mean well but honestly have no idea what they're doing, won't bother doing it properly, and can't be bothered to research.

I am, in all honesty, against my parents EVER owning an animal. I wasn't quite so against Logan (or Spencer but Spencer is pretty.... useless around animals because he's too timid. Might be the autism talking but anyways) having animals but, in Logan's case, he needed to stop being such an irresponsible teenager first. I was kind of hopeful when my parents gave him the dog that he would buck up and take some responsibility... but was disappointed.

Oh, how you are ruining the dog, let me count thy ways:

Pepper is a terrier poodle cross (supposedly) and very small. My parents brought her home without having anything for the dog and it took Logan a couple weeks before he got around to buying her toys (after she chewed his controller cord for his Xbox). She has no appointment for being spayed or vaccinated or even checked on by a vet. My mum is not too fond of 'messy' animals and I cringe on how she's going to deal with Pepper's bloody messes when she goes back into heat. I'm just waiting for parasites to show up, or her to catch Kennel Cough or Parvo...

They asked me for suggestions on what to feed Pepper! I was so ecstatic. However, instead of spouting off brands and what to look for etc. I took it cautiously.

"Oh, there's a place downtown that sells only good dog food. I'd go there. The owner runs it as a hobby so the food is pretty cheap because otherwise she pays too much taxes."

What do they buy her? Beneful. %$2#& Beneful! From the grocery store! Again, I approach it cautiously (although I really want to start screaming).

"Oh, well, you should be reading ingredient lists. Make sure the first ingredient is meat. Not 'meal' or 'by-product' but 100% meat."

Logan assures me that the first ingredient is meat (STFU I HAS INTERNETS and I read those ingredient lists! Meat is something like the eighth ingredient!) and states that since she's pooping fine and seems healthy then it's fine. :fit: Why do I even bother?!

Pepper is a dog. I know that. You guys obviously know that. My parents and Logan seem to... not know that. She is not taken on any walks. Nobody plays with her (except for Logan's playfights where he encourages biting!). Logan expects her to sit in his lap while he plays video games all day. When she does go outside they just open the door, let her out, she goes to the bathroom, and then goes back inside. That's it. They don't even watch her when she's outside! My cats are always supervised because I am aware of the many hawks, owls, other dogs, wolves, coyotes, puma's, massive crows, that would love to call my fluffy babies lunch.

They're excuse for not taking Pepper for walks is that she shuts down when you put on the harness and leash. Oh, really? An 8 month old dog who has never had a leash or harness shuts down? Of course, they are not bothering to train her to the items and opt for 'let's take her for leashless walks'. My response is something along "what could possibly go wrong?" /sarcasm. I assume that when the weather warms up she'll be taken for sporadic walks and, once they figure out she's uncontrollable, not taken for any at all.

On the uncontrollable spectrum; When they first got her she would respond to her name. The fact that nobody is training her has resulted in her doing whatever she wants. I frequently go over to their house (it's just across the yard and they have the washer and dryer) and she's always jumping on me. 'Course, I've inadvertently trained her to respond to 'down' because I don't put up with that. Logan's play sessions have resulted in a dog that play bites, which includes ankles. I have no idea how they'll stop her doing it to little children or visitors.

Not to mention Logan lets her sleep in his bed. This wouldn't be a problem if your babysitters weren't a timid autistic kid and a mum that won't allow animals on the bed. The first time he went to an overnight party she put up a huuuuge stink and my parents actually had a talk with him. I'm hoping this kicks Logan in the butt and gets him thinking about Him & Dog instead of just Him... I reeeally hope it doesn't means he tries to foster her onto me whenever he needs a sitter (cuz I'll be charging regardless of what my parents say).

Aaaand on the subject of me. I grew suspicious when dad said:

"She's been raised with cats so that's good."

Now, why would that matter? They don't have a cat, nor do they want one. A few days later it hit me... or rather, jumped up on me when Dad and Jim came over to try and fix my water. Dad periodically brings Pepper over to 'visit' causing major stress for Sugar and Hammurabi. She chews the cats toys, eats the cats food, and generally is a nuisance because dad isn't watching. Notice I didn't mention Skooma there. Why? Because Skooma did her typical thing when faced with something new: What's this? Okay, kinda weird. Hey, I betcha I can play with this (and she plays violently)

She did it with the rabbit but with liberal use of water bottles I've pulled her from 'attack' to 'paw at it'. Fortunately, Pepper hasn't been over since Skooma started displaying her attack behaviour and I'm going to be shoving Pepper into a crate when she comes over ("I really don't want her in here but if you insist on bringing her over she'll be in here. When you leave I'll let her out."). Very fortunately, she hasn't met the rabbit outside of his cage and, if I have any say in this, she never will. A poodle/terrier facing an animal that runs away is just asking for trouble.

I dread for the summer when dad starts guiding and doing sewer systems, mum keeps working, Logan starts working harder to pay for school (and the poo keeps being not picked up outside). Why? Because Spencer is going to be left alone with this dog. Some autistic's do well with animals, I guess, but Spencer is waaaay too timid and unsure with my parents doing nothing to alleviate it. Whenever he comes over I try to give him tips on how to pet the cats and he's much more confident with them (er... Skooma at least, Sugar is too much of a scaredy cat to approach). But, of course, my parents and Logan expect Spencer to take Pepper outside when she needs to pee. They probably expect him to interact with her when they're gone as well but he usually closes his door and she's left alone in the house. I can't believe they're just automatically assuming he'll do it! He never wanted the dog, he doesn't care, he's still scared of it, and he shouldn't be doing anything with her! Just... aaaaargh! They don't even attempt to show him how to interact with her they just... assume!

There. That's my long, drawn out rant. I've told mum that if she doesn't want to take care of Pepper I'll take her in and find her a good home. I don't know what's going to happen when Logan moves out and tries to find a place or goes off to school. Dad loves the dog even if he has no clue on how to care for one but mum could do without. I'm just unbelievably frustrated right now. I'm considering moving away just so I don't have to watch another repeat dog episode. *sigh* well, thanks for reading anyways no matter how long and drawn out it was. Felt good to get it off my chest.

Oh, right, here's some pics! She has the ugliest haircut right now (Logan only wanted her paws and face clipped).

In the middle of an eye twitch.

She has the most adorable little white tip on her tail. Her surrender flag.

And so I conclude with some adorable pictures to offset the horrible things I said in my rant.
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