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Dog dump

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My husband and I moved out to the country and we have to take our garbage to a local dump down a ways from us. Every time we go there it seems like theres 2-6 new dogs. It breaks myu heart to see them all like this. Some of them take off on their way but alot of them stick around waiting for their owners to come back for them. The old man that works there has brought them an igloo shelter house and provides food and water. But it just sickens me that some many people drop their dogs off here. Most of them get worms and mange. The man tried to cure their mange and it didn't seem to help. Though this time around it's been about 1-2 months since their mange treatment and so far it seems to do the trick. The man lets people take these dogs home but theres just so many he cant rehome them all. I feel so sad everytime we have to go there. I never know whose older dog or puppy is going to be there waiting to be rescued. But we have to take our trash there or it'll collect here forever.

I am sorry fo rgoing on about this but it makes me very sad that I cant just take them all home and care for them. We do bring wormer there and wet puppy food from time to time altough the man feeds them 24-7. I figure what's a special treat. Not too long ago there was an entire litter of doberman puppies. I tried to find them homes but not very many people want a dog from the dump. I was eventually told that whoever dumped the puppies off; does is every so often. tHEY MUST BE BACK YARD BREEDERS THAT COULDN'T GET RID OF THEIR PUPS SO THEY DUMPED THEM! not only did they do this once but it is on going. My mom told me its country life and to get use to it but I can't. I hate seeing so many animals in the dumpsters and many more looking at me with sad eyes and wagging tails. I will continue to try to save what I can but it seems like for every dog that finds a home 2 more take their spot.
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aww this is so sad.
yeah apparently they think this is more humane that the shelter that's 10 minutes away and the shelter here has a no kill policy. so i dont understand the need for this.
Too bad you can't find out who is doing this and report them...
Any chance it could be the shelter turning away dogs that they may not be able to adopt out? or worse the shelter employees doing this?
Thats just sick, they should be left there, so close too having a roof and food and not knowing it. Then IF it is the shelter, get the RSPA onto them!!
it's not the the shelter. The police and fire department are in charge of it.Theres only 11 cops here. And it's the only shelter in our area. Unless you count the vet. They sometimes take in dogs for a few days to rehome them. But when they cant take a dog in they always send them to the shelter or a foster. This is a very humane shelter . It's owner's dumping them. They do it in the middle of the night and on the days off. It's a "known" drop off location. In some situations it is very obvious they were dumped.
It breaks my heart when people just dump their pets, not knowing or caring what is instore for them, I just dont understand it. I live on the verge of the country, out past the city but not quiet the country, and people dump their animals on an almost daily basis. We have been able to report alot of the vehicles, but I dont think the police honestly do anything about it, I mean I live in a violent place and I think they put it at a crazy low priority. today alone we found a beautiful mommy cat and 4 kittens (small but probably about 5 wks) and 3 chihuahuas...the spca picked up the dogs and my neighbors took in the cat and will foster till the kittens are old enough to be rehomed...I shudder to think what its like further out or even at our city dump...some people are so heartless
When I was younger I was at a stable who kept getting dogs. They would just show up and the owners would take them in, as long as they got along with the horses and children there. Otherwise someone would take them to a shelter near by. There were all kinds of dogs there but they were loved and cared for well! I hope these dogs find good homes too...
That's so heartbreaking. I don't understand how anyone can just dump pets...and at an actual dump no less. I really hope all the poor dogs find wonderful new homes.
I dont either! I could never do that too my little Patch!!!
My pup was found by the dumpsters too, except he run away. But no one bothered to look for him :( He was out there for about a month before my hubby's boss found him & we took him in. And he is the sweetest dog I've ever met, always giving kisses and wanting to be cuddled. And he is the bestest "trash" that I've picked up! :)
Thats horrible. I just don't understand people like that. I hope all of them eventually find homes and this stops.
I try my best to help them. but it is heart breaking to see them waiting or dying. there. I refuse to give up on them. But it's hard knowing no matterr what I do people will keep doing this.
you could bring attention to the situation...write to all the local news agencies, write to your local paper, put fliers up in pet stores, maybe then people will do right by those dogs and go and rescue them and as a community maybe shame enough people that it stops...

Anyone who could so carelessly abandon their dogs, cats or whatever make me so mad...their your pets, your supposed to love them, care for them and protect them for all their lfe, they depend on you and love you no matter what...i will never understand people :(
i can try but this town is very small. And noone really cares what gowes on here as long as people aren't being harmed.
Omg Im so shocked by this, I literally cannot beleive that people would actually take a dog to a dump and leave it there?
Can they not install decent CCTV cameras on an overnight security officer to catch these people?
Our dumps in the UK are gated and locked at night, I wonder if this is one of the reasons.

People are just so so cruel :(
I dont think they would invest money in it. This town really doesnt like to spend money on things like that. To them its just an animal but to me its a living soul that should be treated like so. Sadly alot of people here could care less about the situation. I think my husband and I are really the only people in this whole town who are bothered by this abuse. I will try to stop it but I am not sure how to go about it. Only one old man works there. They do have a gate but people drop them off outside the gate. The dogs usually wait to be let in or crawl under the gate to be with the other dogs and food/water.
They do have a gate but people drop them off outside the gate. The dogs usually wait to be let in or crawl under the gate to be with the other dogs and food/water.
Truely heartbreaking. Poor animals, must be so scared and confused.
Saying that the of people that would do that to an animal in the first place have probably been neglecting/abusing the animals at home also.
It must be so so distessing for you to have to see this constantly. It would break my heart every time, like you said, that you cant take them all home :(
If I ever have the money I am opening a shelter!!!!

Is there anyone that you could write too, with maybe a petition attached requesting security to catch the culprits and minimise the problem?
Maybe if you could get enough people interested you could try and do something to raise the money, A sponsered dog walk or something?

:( so sad x
it's an idea. I can always try. the worst thing that could happen would be they refuse to listen.
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