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Dog food questions..

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We've been ordering food from the local farmers co op for the dogs, but we called last week to see if it came in, and they said they forgot to put it on the truck or something, so he said they would order it again, and well i guess whoever answered the phone didn't know what he was doing because we went in there to get it and whoever was in there said no one wrote it on the list. So yeah Davids peeved and decided ordering it from them isn't going to work anymore. And since we didn't really have enough food left to wait another week for them to maybe order it, we had to goto walmart and buy them something to mix with there food. They were on Chicken soup adult btw.. and after checking all the bags at walmart we decided that a brand called maxximum nutrition was the best of there crappy food. so we've mixed it in with there food as slowly as we could with what little bit was left. And now there completely on the new food. which they love of course.. and they seem to be doing ok after the quick switch, no upset tummy's that i can tell. So my question is.. I don't want to leave them on this food permanently, but should i leave them on it for awhile so were not switching foods too much?
I'm also not sure what we should switch them to. I'd like to put them back on chicken soup, but thats not available anywhere locally, except the farmers coop where they have to order it. no one actually carries it. David said he wouldn't mind if we had to goto the city to get there food, since we do it for the rabbit food anyway. 2 hour drive to a petsmart. but I'm not sure what food petsmart carries either. A friend of mine said they carry nutro ultra which is supposed to be good, but said its like $50 a bag! yikes. i think we were paying like $30 for the chicken soup, not sure tho. We also thought of ordering food from somewhere like petfood direct, but there shipping is nearly the amount of the food. Does anyone order there pet food online? or know of some better sites to order from?
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my dogs are also on chicken soup, but man has it gone up in price here, we now pay 39 a bag and it only lasts 2 weeks lol...I think if you want to change to a better food you could do it now, just mix it again, thats what we had to do when all the stores here were out of chicken soup, we had to mix with avoderm for awhile then back to chicken soup...

Almost forgot to add, I have never ordered food off the net, lol I just never thought about it, man there are times that would be so much easier...we drive 20 miles to get their dog food lol...only our small local pet store has chicken soup...petco, petsmart and the like never have it...
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