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dog for hire

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Check out this little guy. He was featured on today . . Also, please go to animal rescue site every day and click on the purple button!! Its easy and somehow the sponsers pay to feed shelter animals!! excelleeeeeeent.
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Jesse is a wonderful trick dog! Most of his behaviors are developed from targeting.

Here is the one I like with Jesse and his shepard buddy.

This is the other trainer I like to watch videos of. Splash is another great trick dog.
Great videos. Thanks for sharing. i'll have to get some up of my pooches to share when I relocate the camera. :)
Those vids were so awesome!!! I cannot believe I only found about Jesse yesterday! I will watch more later when exams are over!! And I cannot WAIT Mousey!! :D
Jesse is a cute little dude.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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