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Dog leashing problems

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I don't know where else I could get help but this problem is driving me crazy and I can't live with it anymore :beg:beg:beg

So, I have 8,5 months old boy weimaraner, he's a great dog, is easily trained and behaves perfectly at home. However leashing is his problem. He pulls me hard not just to sniff but just when he's going forward . It's really uncomfortable, I take him for a long walks but I just don't want anymore, it's driving me crazy ;(

When he still was a pup I have introduced him to collar and everything went pretty nicely. I have used positive motivation while leashing him (it worked with all the dogs I have had before...) but I saw that this technique is not for him. As the puppy grew so did the problem...
When he was about 5-6 months I took him to a professional dog trainer who told us to get chocking collar (I was against it all of the time)... However we got that collar and were using another technique.
After 1 month of no progression I was really worried... Then I once again started browsing internet and then we tried most of training techniques I have found. One of them was training with gentle leader but it once again didn't fixed the problem, it just made it easier to control the dog when he is with that leash.

When I tell this problem to anybody they start complaining what a bad dog owner I am, that I don't give him enough exercise ... even thought everyday we go to a field where he runs and plays fetch for at least 2h. The hardest task for me is to walk him to that field by being pulled like a paper doll!

So anyone who has had problem like this and has solved it please please help me :beg
I can't deal with it anymore ::gaah:
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i had dog just like that he was a lab german sherphard mix the only way he got it work was when we went for walks we would pull back on his leash then tell him and make him sit then go back to walking and if he did good for a while he would get a treat we took with us and that is how we got him to walk really good with us i hope this helps
That's what I did when he was a puppy :( didn't work for him but we're still doing it because I can't stand that choking collar.
i like using harnesses better, they are easier to control a pulling dog on, and it doesn't put pressure on their throat. I would get one that has the leash on his chest so when he pulls he pulls himself back around.
I have never tried harnesses... it always seemed to me that if the dog with harness pulls you , you fly even more :D

anyways, we will try it, won't lose anything.
You will be able to hold on with a firmer hand, you could also get a shorter leash that allows you more control. Collars can crush their windpipe if they pull too hard.

it can be very difficult to train not to pull but it can be done.
For an excessively pulling dog I would NEVER use a choke collar. I know you hate to use it and for good reason. As kendalle said, it can ruin their windpipes.. Nobody wants that!
I realise it's frustrating, hang in there- you're not a bad owner bc the dog has an active mind and wants to walk/run everywhere. Dogs have endurance and will play all day!
I second the harness, I didn't hear about the one kendalle suggested which pulls them back around but perhaps that could work? :)

All th best :)
:) That looks like a safe alternative to choke chains and all that!
It is the same technique they use for horses and things, animals follow their head, if you turn their front they turn around, they pull them selves back and will get tired of walking in circles and walk nicer. It will still take time though.
Great suggestions so far, I would recommend harness too. One episode on Cesar Milan's Dog Whisperer on NatGeo, you take small walk and stop and make him sit, you can use "tsst no" whenever he tries to misbehave, never walk until he submit to you..
My dog also uses easy walk harness, he doesn't pull very much now (unless he sees something else that really interests him). I've also tried gentle leader when he's a pup, it's very difficult for dog to pull while wearing it, the downside is some people think you got a muzzle on the dog and are scared that your dog might bite, also it might be hard to introduce your dog to it, some dogs really don't like it. So this harness takes control of the dogs chest? And how come this "gentle leader" harness is better than normal one ? Oh, we have tried gentle leader collar/muzzle but it wasn't comfortable for the dog :/

Eh, I guess I will order it from the internet because simple collar that we're using now is just a pain. We just came back from the outside and my dog has been pulling once again. When I have a treat in my hand and ask him to walk near he does that but just when I make leash bigger...
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