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Dog Littre box training.

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I was reading a website about training a dog in general, and saw that some people Littre box train there small breed dogs, and it kinda got me curious ? has anyone every tried this ? I mean im pretty sure they still walk there dogs for exercise and all that, but It was something I was Kinda curious about the whole littre box training so does anyone ever tried this ?
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Some people litter train their tiny dogs so they will never go outside (like a cat) which I don't agree with. I met a girl who had a (seriously untrained) chihuahua who never put his feet in grass bc it "was dirty" and you can't have your precious accessories getting dirty.. Ugh..
BUT to litter train a dog to supplement going outside, I don't see a problem with. I would probably use a clicker or praise to train though. Treats might turn him fat or dependent (wherein he will refuse to go pee or poop outside unless he gets a treat which will make him hold it on his walks so he can pee in his box just to get a treat).
And dogs will not cover their litter like cats do either. Mama cat teaches the babies, and if the mama cat doesn't then you cannot teach a cat for its life. My sister's cat was not taught to scratch as a kitten by his mama and he's 5 yrs now. He only scratches it if my sister's bf is home. So dogs will not participate in that kind of behavior.
I'm not sure what kind of litter to use. Some people use cat litter to mask the odor and some use puppy pads. The dust in cat litter might upset a dogs moist nose, but I'm not sure.
It's worth a try ^.^ Couple that with his seperation anxiety training though :)
Keep us updated!
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Well for stimulation purposes alone I would not skip walks. I go crazy in the house all day with nothing to do and my nose is like a billion times less sensitive than a dog's!! :D
Since so many people train their small dogs inside to pee on pads I wouldn't be surprised.. That's awesome for you though :)
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