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Dog Littre box training.

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I was reading a website about training a dog in general, and saw that some people Littre box train there small breed dogs, and it kinda got me curious ? has anyone every tried this ? I mean im pretty sure they still walk there dogs for exercise and all that, but It was something I was Kinda curious about the whole littre box training so does anyone ever tried this ?
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I was thinking of trying it not to replace walks but for his sepration anixety thinking maybe he could use that, and also cuz its bloody cold outside with the snow and it seems to bug him
we went n bought him one today he still goes for his walks but he does use his littre box ^_^ this is his littre box we left him out of his cage when we went out and he has no accidents he went on the littrebox :)
the only problem left to fix is the barking hehe
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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