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dog walking service?

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Iv been thinking a lot latley, and have been thinking of starting a dog walking service in my building, there is soooo many dogs, of course this would be after the baby is born and everything, but since ill be a stay at home mom till alyson goes to kindergarten, i was thinking this might be a good way to make some extra cash from home, get exercise and to get out of the house a little. im looking for flyer ideas or any suggestions on how to go about this :) like prices, ect thanks.
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That is a good idea. The commitment might get to you after a while. I mean, I have never had kids but the exhaustion from waking day-night from it might be a lot on poor old you!! Then the other thing to consider is on bad weather when you prefer not to bundle Alyson up and go outside the owners might assume you are. I've seen someone get huffy over this, even though they were too lazy to take their own dog out but I've seen it happen. I know it sucks that people are stupid and don't take their dogs out and most of these dogs are energy-ridden smal terriers but you have to write down all the pros (obvious - extra cash, exercise, relieves the dogs of energy, bonding etc) and the cons (weather, customer reliance, scamming etc).

If you decide to go with it, I would recommend starting at a beta price. Like 10$ per hour/walk or match it with whatever minimum wage is there. Add more if you intend to release them at a park for play or of you just intend to walk around the block. Consider the socialization of the dog(s) in case people have dogs they want walked from the building but which don't get along with each other. I think it's a great idea though :)
what i was thinking of doing is making an appointment book, and only doing it while hubby is home. as he will be home for 6 months , then do the doggy walking only in the summer or warm weather once he goes back to work,so this way it works around my schedule . and i was thinking 10 for small dogs 15 for medium and 20 for big dogs. if i walk those sizes i havent fully decided if i just want to walk small dogs.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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