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Doggie allergies

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Tree sap here....looking for a list of holistic dog foods and where to buy foxie gets allergies and chews his pads a few times a year. High energy dog that gets an hour walk plus run fetch everyday.....rain or shine. His name is Ernie. Any suggestions out there would be appreciated!
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any good petstore should have a good selection of food. I get mine at a tractor supply company i get taste of the wild. I have also tried wellness both are grain free and about the same cost and quality.
Okay then! maybe that would help. Just got a nasty reply from a gentleman who obviously doesnt believe it. Well, each person to their own opinion. You know what they say about those! Ha! Actually I was a little taken aback by the condescending tone of the reply. I thought this site was going to be people who want to help others with their animals. I thank you for your kindness!
What is he allergic to? Grains? A specific meat protein? Environmental allergies? That will help us make recommendations :).
some people argue that there is nothing wrong with corn as a main ingredient, or dyes are not bad. I personally feel that the more meat and less dyes an by products the better. I don't want to see meat by-product on his food. Some don't even say what type of meat it is, it could be anything and it could change each time you get the food.
Not sure....they have never figured it out. I am assuming it is grasses or pollens.
Once you find a different food, you may want to try switching up the brand of food every once in a while. Cats and dogs can develop allergies to their food if they're fed the same thing day in and day out. We have a cat which that happened to(she scratched at her chin), and now that I switch their brand of food every 6 months or so, she's stopped having allergic reactions.
Guess I never thought of that! I had heard somewhere that switching has to be gradual process.....think that is true?
Oh it definitely is. Any time you switch to a new food it should take a week and a half to two weeks. One even took me longer because I was transitioning from really poor quality to a much higher quality.
Okie dokie then....appreciate the tips!
On the other hand, if you're doing frequent rotations, no transition is needed unless the foods are drastically different :).
i tend to buy something new before i need to and messi oogles the bag until i open it making it so he has a monster mouth with one food, and his food in the bowl being another, and then it switches at some point.
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