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Hi there,

Yesterday I came home with a 16wk old Lionhead bun :)
He is a house rabbit and has a big cage in our spare room. I've bought all the bunny stuff, including little toys etcetc and he seems quite happy.
I just wanted to get some advice on how to play the next few weeks. I am terrified that I will move too soon for him! I don't want to scare him and ruin any trust that has been built.
I have spent a few hours this morning laying next to his cage and talking to him while feeding him a few little bits of veg.
When is the right time to open the cage and let him explore? Will he freak out if I try to stroke him or should I start gently stroking his head now to get him used to me?!

Any advice would be really appreciated :)

Thank you


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Congrats on your little bun :)

I would move the cage closer and closer to the busiest room in the house. Putting him there will help him learn to engage with the family, since loner bunnies tend to bond closer with their owner. When he is used to your voice and not afraid of human traffic then I would open the door and encourage him to come out and stretch his little legs. Before I got my old bunny Akina, she lived all alone in a room upstairs where nobody went and thus became very attention deprived and somewhat afraid of men o.o So you do not want this to happen with your little friend. I like to think of my bunny as part of the family and therefore she lives among us, rather than away. :) Good luck! These things take time.
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