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The new year is here and what better way to start than with fun shopping lists? The girls are sure to be scribbling away to glory, but what about the male species? When it comes to buying stuff, most men aren’t exactly what you’d call an enthusiastic bunch, but when we asked a few of them what they wanted to buy this year, we got some interesting replies!

Manav Sudan, a software engineer, wants to buy tickets for Euro 2012. “I am a football fanatic and the only thing I can think of is to go to Poland to watch the tournament. I can’t wait for Spain to play against Italy. You could call it the clash of the titans, ” he says.

Kevin, a biotechnologist and football freak, says that buying football boots is first on his agenda this year. “I am a huge fan of Lionel Messi and the Adidas F50 is what he wears. Maybe it will make me the next god of football, ” he quips. Also on his list are a Bose music system and a Samsung Smart TV.

Arihant Ranka, an IBM professional, lists an Xbox, a Honda CBR250R and boost speakers, in that order. “I am a game aficionado and an Xbox is long pending, ” he says. “The Honda CBR250R is great for Indian roads and it also has a superbike feel to it, ” he adds.

Kumaresh, a basketball club player, has three things on his mind. “The LG OLED TV that is being released this year is the shiz, ” he says. “The Galaxy Note is the perfect size to watch movies on the go. I also want the latest Jordan shoes, ” he adds.

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