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Went to petsmart today set on finally finding some driftwood for my tanks. been meaning to do it for ages!

The only driftwood they had was a few pieces that were in the tanks, which used to have plants attached but no longer do so they were pretty cheap. and the pieces in the reptile section, The lady working in the fish department said they were safe for aquariums, said she used them in her tanks, but she then said just about any wood can be used in your tanks as long as you soak it first. so yeah, dunno about that. but i got a piece anyway cuz it looked cool :D Figure if i can't use it in my tank i can use it somewhere else. It doesn't say what kind of wood it is, its made by All Living Things, anyone heard of them or tried these? It says its heat treated and safe for any terrarium or cage.

I also got 2 smaller pieces from the tanks, i'm not sure how i should clean these? When buying plants i usually rinse them in tap water, would that be sufficient for these? or should they be soaked/boiled? theres no sign of plants left on them, except one appears to have some cotton or something stuffed into one of the holes, im guessing thats where the plant was attached?

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