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dry skin/scabs on butt

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So I have a holland lop named Zinc. He was neutered back in February. He is currently molting, and i noticed his bottom was missing alot of hair. When I turned him over, I noticed there was like scabs/dry skin under the hair that was coming out. It is amost like he has skin issues. Does anyone know what this could be? Im worried that it could be mites. but i dont see them. or pee bottom? whats that ? heard the saying yesterday.
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What kind of litter does he have? Some rabbits who sit in their pee (on non -absorbant litter) get urine burns which removes the fur.
But it might be some sort of mite. Does he live outdoors? A vet would be the best option for looking at Zinc since this is a forum :) Good luck.
Thanks so much for responding to thread. His litter is wood chips. Although, for the past 2 1/2 weeks he has not been in his litter, he has been free roaming in yard. As long as weather is good he is out. I will look into vets in our area and make an appt. I thank you for response!
thanks for posting this we just did a rescue on two flemish giants and one is losing hair and has scabs as well so this post helps a little on insite on possible options. Im sure we will take her to the vet if we cant figure it out on our own. I have never had a rabbit with this issue, but this one was poorly cared for so maybe its the urine problem like said about for my rabbit anyway. I hope you figure out whats going on with your little one
Hair loss? It might be internal but I bet your flemmies have mites.
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