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Dudley in a Top Hat

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On the beardie forum I'm on, everyone was saying how awesome Dudley would look in a top hat... So I made him one, and told some pictures of him for a calender photo contest! So, let me know which one you guys like best!

#1 This one is my favorite out of all of them. He looks so sophisticated!



#4 I don't like the lighting on this one as much, but I thought that death-glare was rather great. :lol:

#5 Next to the top hat?


The other adorable pictures!

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Wittle tubby hand!

If you can't already tell, Dud LOVED his photoshoot LOL. I was worried it would stress him out so I didn't think it would be very long, but he had a creamy white beard and tummy the whole time, and his colors got lighter throughout the pictures! Once he was done, he got dark colors though. I think he's a little full of himself.
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aww cute
awesome!! The first or the second are really great.. he has an Abraham Lincoln "thoughtfulness" quality in them!
Haha, thanks guys! :D
OMG I love #1 and #6!!! #4 would be my fave if the lighting was better. :D How cute ^^

**How did you shoot that against all white with no background? It looks so professional!

I might be able to fix one of the shadows on #4, but the darkness on his face might be a little tricky.

And I made a light box. :D Google it, they are actually really easy to make. My other one died a little, so for this photoshoot I made a bigger one using 2 of those thick poster boards that have foam in the middle that I cut up and hot-glued together to make a box, and I used a normal poster board for the background. It cost about $5 to make. And I used some spare reptile lamps for the lighting. Here's what it looked like all set up:
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omgoodness!! That's awesome! I'm sure for my little bun it would be spent in vain. Hopefully when we move (IF we do) I could set up something like that- you did a really good job!
wow hes so freaking adorable i love his hat XD ive never noticed how yellow he is???? my friend amanda has one named chamomile and hes orange =D hes a grumpy bgger though
@Purplehops: LOL, I have yet to convince Smudge to enter the lightbox... Not even for a treat! Same with Chuey. Everyone except for Dudley is terrified of it. :rolleyes:

@MeteoraAngel: Thanks! When he is in a good mood, he does have really pretty yellow colors. :D I cranked up the brightness of my camera, so that helped show his colors better too.
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