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Dudley is a "Short Snout" beardie!

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I have some epic news!! :D According to Steven from Bloodbank (A well known beardie breeders, for those who don't know), Dudley is a "short snout" or "pug" beardie!! Here is what he said about Dud:

Dudley is one of the best looking short snout dragons I have ever seen. He has a perfect ballance of facial proportions with an ideal structure.

Cute button nose without the extreme eye buldging.

Very nice.


Steven Barnes
So know I know why he looks so different! :p There aren't many breeders of short snout beardies, so I'm wondering if I could figure out where he came from? Probably not LOL, but I've always wanted to know!

Here are some more short snout beardies. It's hard to find much about them!
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:) That's cool! Not like I would know but I just assumed that all beardies were the same. :/ That's how ignorant I am of reptiles :( But that's awesome that you know his , um, breed (?). What made you think of checking it out?
I didn't know that short snouts existed until a couple days ago :p So no worries, LOL.

Someone on the beardie forum I'm on thought he looked like one, so I did somechecking into it and asked Bloodbank about it, since they breed shorts nouts there. :D
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