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Sooo we got cats from the humane society about a month ago, one was 3 months and the other 7 months. They both came home with antibiotics for a upper respiratory infection, they said it was a normal things for cats to get when they come from a place like that so we thought nothing of it just gave them the medicine.
Well the younger one (Yoshi) was still acting sick after he was done with his antibiotics so we took them both in to the humane society clinic and they said that the older one (Tak) was fine and that Yoshi needed some more antibiotics so they gave it to us and we gave it to him.
About two weeks ago we took Yoshi in to the vet for his vaccine, she looked at him and listened to him and didn't saying anything and he was acting fine at the time, but in the last couple of weeks they both have started to sneeze alot, and they where acting like the needed to get rid of a hair ball but nothing ever came out. Now when they breath you can kinda hear something, like they have snot in there or something.
We are going to take them to the vet in the next couple of weeks when we can, but in the mean time would it be ok for me to give them echinacea here at home to help out. I have some capsules and I was gunna open them and put it in some wet food and let them eat it. Would that be ok? Does anyone know anything about echinecea and cats? Also could this be a cold? or would it more likely be allergies? They don't have any discharge from their nose or eye.

Thank you for your help and I'm sorry if this post isn't as well put together as it could be. I'm sick me self, so it's a little hard to concentrate. lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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